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Jul 20, 2023

Jeremy Pryor is back in Part 2 of this conversation to share how dads can create intentional spaces in their home for meaningful family memories. He also encourages fathers to carry the spirit of Elijah by loving and zealously defending the multigenerational family. 


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Key Takeaways


  • Your house is a theme park for the values of your family. 
  • The spirit of Elijah seeks to restore families, while the spirit of Jezebel aims to destroy them.
  • In today’s culture, the new “ideal” father is the traditional mother. 
  • There’s too much at stake to abdicate your role as a visionary, leading father. 


Jeremy Pryor


Jeremy Pryor is a business owner, creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and builder of multiple movements with family at the core. Jeremy and his wife have five children and reside in a multigenerational home near Cincinnati, Ohio.


Key Quotes


  • 8:50 - "I want to be able to someday walk around a city and just see in the houses and the neighborhoods and and the businesses and the different expressions. I wish they were all just expressions of family values."
  • 21:20 - "One of the reasons why Elijah is a multi-generational father or patriarch is that he was the first prophet to set up schools of prophets. He was the first prophet to have a successor that he had trained and gave a double portion, which is the sons, the firstborn sons portion of his spirit. This is why I believe it's really important not to pinpoint a patriarch or fatherhood to married men. He had sons all over the place. And now, he represents the multi-generational father spirit in the scriptures."


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