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Jul 13, 2023

 Jeremy Pryor once wondered what would happen if parents, rather than aiming to ensure their children’s happiness, aimed to raise children that would be great parents to the third generation. Now, as a grandfather himself, Jeremy is witnessing the rewards of multigenerational family bonds firsthand and teaching others how to create the same. 


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Key Takeaways


  • Aim to make your children excellent parents to your grandchildren. 
  • Masculinity is typified by mature fatherhood. 
  • Everything you do in the workplace should flow out of your role as a father. 
  • Work together to build assets as a family. 
  • A peer-oriented childhood is not psychologically or historically usual. 


Jeremy Pryor


Jeremy Pryor is a business owner, creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and builder of multiple movements with family at the core. Jeremy and his wife have five children and reside in a multigenerational home near Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Key Quotes


  • 6:24 - "One of the intuitions that shifts when you think this way is when you're parenting your kids, the default in our culture is to parent your kids for their happiness. That creates a terminal generation."
  • 8:43 - "The most practical thing to build for your children is a multi-generational root structure. So they are grounded in their identity from day one. They know who we are. They're not just an individual now. They are an individual. And we want to honor all of the unique ways that God has made them. But what we've been experimenting with as a culture is that, that is primary and that's almost entirely where identity comes from, is it's all individual."


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