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Jan 19, 2023



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube Instagram | Facebook


Make me passionate and wholehearted to fulfill Your every wish so that I'll never have to be ashamed of myself. -Psalm 119:80


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation Here)


  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:04:02] "It is still the norm, as I chat with people who are grandparents, someone in their sixties and seventies eighties to say, Man, I missed it, I wish I would have spent more intentionality pursuing the hearts of my kids. Man, I missed it, I didn't put enough focus on my marriage in that season. I put too much focus on generating assets and wealth, not enough focus on being a dad. So guys, that's what I think of so that I'll never be ashamed of myself, I just know that this is a possible area for shame to come into our hearts."
  • Kiva Zaugg: [00:10:12] " [God's love] is like when a waterfall comes down, you feel like a mist coming from when you're even when you're not under the waterfall, you still can get wet."
  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:11:09] "So if we can step under the love of God, if the dads can do that, experience the love of God, experience healing and forgiveness and experience all God's heart for them. Then those dads, the mist, as you called it, the mist can get off of them and their kids can feel it."
  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:16:26] "I'm confident that dadAWESOME does not exist without you. I'm confident that just about every part of my leadership is made better, stronger, more effective, more fruitful because of you."
  • Michelle Zaugg: [00:19:39] "I think we're a good team because I tend to want to work on it, get feedback on things that I'm doing, or just things as a family, be more hesitant to just go do something. And so I think that's why we are a good team because you love to just go do it. And I have a little bit more of a wanting to critique it and make it better."
  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:21:53] "I would take a prayer day and listen for God's voice. And what happened is because of that change and the extended timeline of doing kids ministry, leading as a kids pastor, I believe I saw from that perspective all these dads that we were offering nothing, as a church, we weren't offering anything for tools, or resources."
  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:25:23] "One thing I admire about you, Michelle, and how you hear from God's voice is you can see things many times before I do and you actually saw like this passion within me to help in this area of intentional fatherhood, help dads experience the love of their Heavenly Father and bring that love with their full hearts to their kids."
  • Jeff Zaugg: [00:27:13] "I believe that all of us dads can pay more attention to man, where is God stoking up more fire, more or less like or passion. And that is often the primary way I hear God's voice."
  • Michelle Zaugg: [00:31:12] "So even when it was super hard, even that first day that we left was like crazy hard. Like when we've had hard things, it's been like, Well, we know that God made a way for us to do that. And so it's given confidence, even getting through some of the challenges."


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