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Jan 5, 2023

Key Takeaways


  • Showing grace in ALL areas of life, especially with our children.
  • Share what's going on in your life, don't isolate.
  • Our lives are a process. Fatherhood is a process.
  • Repent to your kids when a mistake has been made & let your children into your failures and successes.
  • YOU are a loved son of God.




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Bob Hasson


Bob Hasson is a businessman, Author, Consultant and Podcaster.


He is both the Founder and CEO of HPCI, a painting subcontractor, which he founded in 1978.


For over thirty years, he has been active as a consultant and board member for churches, ministries, nonprofits, and school boards.


He has authored Business of Honor with Danny Silk and Wired to Hear with Shawn Bolz. Bob currently co-hosts the Exploring the Marketplace Podcast with Shawn, which is in the top 100 of all Christian podcasts weekly.


He has been married for thirty three years to his wife, Lauren, and they have four children and two grandchildren.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of Conversation Here)


  • 8:27 - "One of the goals in my life is not to be compartmentalized. I want to be the same person that you see at church, at home, at work, at the grocery store. The same person."
  • 11:19 - "Having vital relationships with people who have the permission to speak into your life. Now, how do we get those? Most men that I talk to say I don't have any friends. I'm alone. I'm isolated. Nobody understands me. And I get it. I do get it. But, we have to take risks to figure out how to be in relationship with other men."
  • 17:39 - "There really aren't any shortcuts, but I'll give your listeners a little, they don't have to read the book, there's one shortcut, the shortcut is the pursuit of wisdom. Wisdom is the shortcut."


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