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Dec 29, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Lean into your child's imagination.
  • Getting into quiet places allows your brain to fully reset.
  • Freedom is only accessible through boundaries.
  • When we're closer to God we become better husbands & dads.


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Zac Ernst


Zac Ernst is married to Amy Ernst. Together they have two beautiful children (Lindy & Finn). He loves inviting them into his passions for the wild, be it surfing, camping, or random bonfires on the beach. Zac is a waterman being a former Seal Beach Lifeguard, surfer, spearfisherman, and long-distance Stand up Paddler. A few years ago, he paddled solo across the Channel, from Catalina to Seal Beach, a total of 30 miles. Professionally, Zac is an entrepreneur in Fintech & Payments and enjoys bringing the Kingdom to the marketplace. He is also a Board Member and Elder for Garden Church.  For the past six years, he has led a beach workout program for men called PURSUIT (formerly Savage Seals). God has led Zac to overcome bondage and limiting beliefs, enabling him to walk in new freedom and purpose. His call & desire is to share the Presence of God in practical ways that lead men into freedom. That mission is embodied through PURSUIT, a holistic roadmap to transformation.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation Here)


  • 6:36 - "It's something that Amy and I have been intentional wanting to continue to lean in with the kids and just take full advantage of their imaginations. And so we've done it with both. And we said, we believe that Jesus has a specific place where you two can meet, in your imagination, that you can go any time you're scared. So if you have a scary thought, we're not there or or when we're there, you can ask Jesus to come and go to that place. So, I want you to ask Jesus for a picture, a beautiful place, something that is fun and imaginative, some place you'd like to go."
  • 20:44 - "For modern men, there's few opportunities for us to actually get into a place where we are fully dependent on God. And we need Him to sustain us. We need Him to pull us through, and those are all the highlights of my faith journey of being with Him, when I'm on the edge." 


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