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Sep 15, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Fathers are essential and important to the home.
  • Discipleship is a long term walk.
  • When we are blessed with surplus we should freely give that to others.
  • Pay attention to history.
  • Misconstruing intent can destroy marriage.



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Korey "XROSS" Dean


XROSS is a Louisville, KY native. XROSS is most notably known for his relevant approach to engaging urban culture through messages of hope and faith. As a leader in the Global Christian Hip Hop Movement, XROSS is featured in Christopher “PLAY” Martin’s blockbuster film “Holy Hip Hop”.


Through his record label, 1 Way Entertainment, many of XROSS’ songs are featured in the Oxygen hit TV series Preachers of LA, Detroit and Atlanta. The mayor and City of Minneapolis has also endorsed and partnered with XROSS to write and produce inspirational music and videos to address youth violence prevention. XROSS’ passion for youth and ministry has led him to earn a BS degree in Youth Studies and Sociology from the University of Minnesota.


Korey “XROSS” Dean designed and developed the Man-Up Club after serving as a student advocate to more than 500 African American High School students. As a result of observing and researching the behavior and practical needs of African American students, he developed a curriculum and program to address the specific needs of the African American males students.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of Conversation Here)


  •  [00:13:47] "Discipleship is all about the long term walk... I don't think that that's something that ever ends. I don't think you ever had a point where you're just discipled... I think it's a progression.
  •  [00:15:13] "Like the Bible says one can plant, one can water, but it's really God that gives the increase. And I, simply just planted by me doing hip hop music."


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