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Jul 28, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • There is much value and importance in keeping your spouse as your number 1.
  • Time spent with your children is something that you can never get back.
  • Be intentional with your time and prayer for and over your children.




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Jason Romano


Jason Romano is an author, speaker, and media professional with over 20 years of broadcasting experience. He is the Director of Media with Sports Spectrum and the host of the popular Sports Spectrum Podcast. For 17 years, he was an Emmy-Award winning Producer and Senior Manager at ESPN. He has created and produced content for shows such as SportsCenter, Monday Night Football, Mike and Mike in the Morning, Sunday NFL Countdown, College Gameday, NFL Live, MLB’s All Star Game and many more.


Sports Spectrum Article: Fathers For The Fatherless bike rides combine fundraising, fitness, fellowship, faith
(By Joshua Doering Jul 6, 2022) - linked here


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation Here)


  • 7:08 - "We're going to go through bad cycles as parents. We're going to go through bad cycles in our jobs. We're going to go through bad cycles in our marriage. Just in life, things are going to happen. I found to find abundant life, first of all, it's only found in Christ... He says, I've come to give you life and life more abundantly.... He is the Way, the Truth and the Life... Start with Jesus, which I think is an easy thing for me to say. It's not an always easy thing for me to just practically live out when life is coming at you.... Serving is a big thing... serving your kid... being there for [them]"
  • 22:42 - "I need to go back to the to the Word of God and see that... I'm supposed to love my wife as, as God loves church. Love my bride, as God loves the church. And I haven't always done that perfectly. I've never not loved my wife, but I definitely didn't always have her as the only number one in my life."
  • 28:58 - "One of my highlights in my life was when she was ten years old, I got to baptize my daughter in our church.... I really have no desire or worry about what she's going to end up being as long as Christ is at the center of her life. That's the only thing I really pray for and hope is that she follows Jesus for the rest of her life."


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