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Jun 30, 2022

Key Takeaways:


  • When the Skoogs were met with resistance preparing for a trip to China, they chose to continue to walk in God’s calling for them.
  • How one choice, of going to church to serve, turned into a legacy of leading people to Jesus.
  • The impact that Tim left his kids as he modeled Kingdom prayer and adventure.
  • The five principles/practices that the global church implements.




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Tim and Ryan Skoog


Tim and Ryan are a father/son duo who share the love of adventure and legacy. Ryan is President of Venture and Tim is on the Governing Board. Venture is a Global Partner of Father for the Fatherless. Venture is committed and passionate about serving in areas of the world that are the least reached and resourced by partnering with local leaders in those communities to end some of the world's greatest injustices.



Conversation Notes


  • 2:04- Tim explaining the impact of his mother in law passing away and why they decided to continue with their trip to China.
  • 5:45 - Tim and Ryan talking about the times they were apprehended by the police and chased by dogs for putting Christian tracts on locals doorsteps.. "those are some of the adventures that... I'll always cherish that with my dad."
  • 8:39 - "The enemy doesn't want dads taking courageous adventures, instilling values in their kids."
  • 08:55 - "... Recognize that when you're heading out like this, expect that there's going to be some resistance, that we have an enemy, and if the enemy can stop you before you get started, he's going to do it."
  • 10:17 - “...He didn’t start the gambit by taking us to Mozambique or... a war zone. It started with... let’s go serve a church together or... there’s a service opportunity in our church or in our community.”
  • 11:14 - Ryan talking about having a good role model when it came to his prayer life and the adventures they went on as a family.
  • 13:39 - “The quick origin is that it came out of asking a question, "What if the global church had something to teach the American church on how to follow Jesus?" And instead of us just going and sending, you know, teaching and leadership and all that stuff, what if we sat at their feet and said, "Could you teach us?”
  • 14:21 -Explaining “The Five Principles/Practices” that the global church implements.
    • Every believer praying and in scripture 1-2 hours/day
    • Every believer spending time with the lost on a daily basis
    • Every believer serving in some capacity the poor and the needy around you - Looking for people who are open
    • Every believer is getting together with other believers to study the scriptures and learning a way to obey it
    • Every believer is training someone else to do these principles
  • 16:55 - "And that's part of the the idea on the prayer side is what like every believer in the global church that's practicing this, they're almost every day praying for people that don't know Jesus to come to come to Jesus."
  • 19:46 - "And we try to go for the complex and easy and God wants us to do simple and tough and they can't do it."
  • 20:43 - “...You’re capable of passing things on. Capable of having a rich history. Capable of having the next, and the next, and the next follow the Lord."
  • 22:18 - "My dad, his example and faithfulness and....consistency of who he was as a person, I was like I want to be like my dad, and because I wanted to be like him then I wanted to serve Jesus and I wanted to be a good leader and I wanted to be responsible and I wanted to be a good dad myself and all of that. But that first started with, I made his decision that I want to be like my dad, and that was huge. And so I’ve really tried to take that and say, okay, in all this, I really want my son to want to be like me first.”
  • 23:50 - "And it wasn't just one thing that he did, but his consistency over and over and over that that was so impacting and then peppered with adventures. Right. And made it really powerful.... there's a moment there's a season in life for us as dads that the call is one of faithfulness. And it's like hard because you're like, I want to do great things and this and that. And the call is, no, actually do the same thing over and over and be faithful at that thing." 


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