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Jun 16, 2022

“Servanthood is the way to the top. You will never outgrow serving…the more you have the more you’re required to give.”




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Jason Vallotton


Recovering mental health, Cultivating spiritual fathers, and Living with Hope. Jason Vallotton is the pastoral care overseer at Bethel Church in Redding, California and is a sought-after counselor, teacher, and speaker. Previously, he served for 10 years in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry as a pastor, counselor, and overseer. Jason and his wife Lauren live in Redding, California, and have 4 wonderful children. Jason’s primary passion is for the hearts of men to live fully alive to their calling. In his downtime, Jason can be found hiking in the Trinity Alps, fishing the Sacramento River, or hunting anywhere that wild game can be found!


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  • Crazy Cool Family
  • A family whose mission is to show parents how to connect the relationships in their family to Jesus and each other.


Conversation Notes


  • 3:16 – Story of Jason’s first son being born when he was 19 years old
  • 5:11 – The gift of patience turning the burden into an opportunity.
  • 5:35 – Having friends and community gives perspective. “But we actually get to multiply our experience the closer we are to our friends because if we walk through a hard time with them, we get to gain the wisdom and the learning and understanding.”
  • 6:48 – Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. James 1:2-3
  • 7:49 “Great opportunity comes with every hard season for those who have eyes to see it.” – Quote from Winning the War Within by Jason Vallotton
  • 9:17 – You can try and grow through the easy times but there’s not as much opportunity to grow in easy times because you’re not getting as much feedback. You’re not really being stretched. The easy times are a poor indicator of what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. It’s challenging to grow when you’re not being tested.” There is fruit in hard times.
  • 10:02 – Psalm 126:5 -”Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” Relating this to the story of a farmer making the hard choice between feeding his family the only seed he has and starting a poverty cycle, or choosing to plant the seed and watch his family starve for a season but ultimately breaking the poverty cycle.
  • 11:07 – We’re forced into this worldwide [question], “what are you going to do with the challenge you’ve been given?”
  • 12:07 – Going through a nervous breakdown in 2009.
  • 13:26 – His dad told him, “You’re gonna have to decide how your kids are gonna remember you.”
  • 14:26 – “I only get to decide what I do when I’m awake.”
  • 14:53 – “If I don’t check out, but I stay in the game even with my kids and my family, I gain so much more than if I check out for the evening.”
  • 15:05 – Quote from Danny Silk – “Kids are gonna pull 60 pounds of energy from you whether you give it to them or whether they take it from you you just get to decide how it happens.”
  • 16:07 – “There’s an opportunity for people like never before not just to make a difference in history, but to learn how to embrace challenging times with confidence.”
  • 16:46 – The inside-out dad life – what were the warning signs before the nervous breakdown?
  • 19:50 – Moral Revolution
  • 20:45 – Everything was good – it was so hard to decide what to put down.
  • 22:02 – “Whether it’s hard things or whether it’s good things, it has a weight to it. It has a weight value and good stress is still stress.”
  • 22:56 – Cultivating spiritual fathers: “If you’re going to put someone on your team, make sure they know they are on your team.”
  • 25:39 – “My dad told me once, never apologize for favor, just make sure you use the favor well.”
  • 26:30 – “What is covenant? You have permission to change my mind and I have permission to change your mind.”
  • 27:01 – “Servanthood is the way to the top. You will never outgrow serving…the more you have the more you’re required to give.”
  • 28:17 – we’re building an inheritance for our kids…the relationships that you create today, that you sacrifice for, it’s not it’s not as fun as people think. It’s not easy I can tell you all those relationships that I just mentioned, there’s conflict inside of them. We use all of our communication skills and conflict resolution and honor to keep those relationships going.”
  • 29:33 – Clint graham david and his mighty men series of books? Linked
  • 30:45 – Attending church for yourself is the lowest level of living for a Christian.
  • 31:12 – His dad told him, “People need what you have. They need what you have, and you need to go to youth group and find someone that needs what you have and give it to them.”
  • 34:52 – “Look at what you want your life to be in 10, 20, 30 years and live from now.”
  • 35:10 – How to get out of [dark places], #1 – find new hope. Find who’s overcome what you’re going through.
  • 35:22 – Curt Richter – Rats with Hope – Sample article
  • 35:43 – #2 – Hope is literally gonna energize you. For hope, you wanna you want to get some vision and create some goals for tomorrow, and then weekly goals and then monthly goals. That’s how I overcame the addiction to medication.
  • 36:30 – #3 – Pull yourself objectively outside of yourself and be able to understand that the moment that you’re in there’s a real opportunity
  • 36:47 – “You’ll probably go through it whether you want to or not, so you might as well make it awesome, and getting some outside perspective is really, really helpful.”
  • 37:47 – “What we hide, becomes a definer in our lives and it begins to tell us who we are. And so it probably will be the hardest thing that we ever do, is to go ‘this is really Who I am’ but you’ll receive love in a way you’ve never received love because people will love you exactly where you’re at, and not for what you want to show you are, they’ll know the real you. And therefore you’ll have the power to get out of it.”


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