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Jan 20, 2022



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook


Don Manning


30+ years of parenting experience, 7 kids of all ages... Don is the CFO of a real estate company and serves on the elder board of Valley Creek Church, a church he and Suzanne helped start over 25 years ago. Suzanne has invested her time as a teacher, wife, mom, homemaker, mentor, girl’s minister, speaker, writer, and most importantly an encourager to everyone she meets.

We have a passion to help families rethink the way they do family-one relationship at a time.

Fun Facts
On Our Journey
Over 40 pets
Over 140 teeth lost
Over 3,200 sporting events… and counting
Over 50 overseas mission trips… and counting
Over 44,000 diapers purchased… no more counting!


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Show Notes:


    • 4:55 - "God's ways are crazy. God's ways are different and we really do. What we found in our parenting journey is is that we really did have to do things in a crazy way, really relationally.
    • 5:44 - "...When family works, it's the best thing you'll ever do in your life, but it beats any sort of ever done. It beats anything because you know when you when your kids love Jesus and they love you and they love each other. It really is crazy. Cool.
    • 10:23 - "If you're become a student of your wife instead of her critic, you'll be amazed what you learn about family."
    • 10:36 - "I started seeing relationships being so connection being more important than my instruction."

    • 13:49 - "Other than leading your kids to Jesus, getting your kids to be best friends, hardest thing you'll do as a dad and mom and dad, but it's worth it. And it just it started dripping in just that influence"
    • 16:31 - What I've learned from coming out of my parenting into my own faith is just how to do relationships at a different level.
    • 18:33 - "what we found was, if we build that in our home, we build this culture where relationships can flourish, like a greenhouse, like the plants would. And we found four elements that were super critical to that."
    • 18:50 - "we encourage extravagantly and we correct carefully because most parents flip it and they're more critical and less encouraging. And even they qualify their encouragement..."
    • 21:53 - "when you build that culture, family just works, you know, and we tend to be so concerned about the outside. And I tell parents all the time, it's like if you build it on the inside, well, they're going to face anything on the outside. But because they're ready. I mean, God's with them. And you know, it works."
    • 29:13 -"our example is more important than your instruction"
    • 29:35 - "OK, kids, what do we need to do? What do we need to talk about? They said, You know, what do we do that was helped you? They said all you did was you walk with Jesus and you talked about it.

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