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Oct 28, 2021


We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Chris Bruno


There is nothing more exciting to me than the intersection of transformation and adventure. This is why I founded Restoration Counseling - a place where we daily engage the power of restoration and epic re-storying. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in men and masculinity, sexual addiction, trauma and abuse. My experience as a men’s therapist and my work with men at Restoration Project provide me a wealth of experience when navigating the landscape of a man’s heart.

As I work with clients, my focus is on discovering and “reading” the narrative of their lives and guiding them toward the transformation that comes through adventurously and honestly engaging our sorrows AND our glories. This, to me, is what I was created for.


Episode 200 Party:


  • Tuesday, January 9th from 8-10pm we are gathering 200 dadAWESOME friends for a couple hours of fun. Spikeball, Cornhole, Music, dadAWESOME Giveaways, Food Trucks and some Vision/Mission/Hopes for what's next.
  • We're hosting this party in NE Minneapolis at Ninth Street Soccer and Coffee: 801 SE 9th St, Minneapolis, MN 55414
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Show Notes:


  • Episode 200 Party:
  • Text “DAD” to 651-370-8618 to join the dadAWESOME Nudge to become an intentional dad
  • 1:52 -  if you missed last week, hit pause and listen to PART 1 - Episode 196 with Chris Bruno
  • 3:11 - (Jeff Question) - Explore with us how how we could move in the direction of shared experiences versus just intentional friendships moments
  • 3:37 - "You need someone who's willing to ask what we call a deep dive question."
  • 4:13 - "we asked the question 17 years ago today, what was happening in your life, what was going on for you and how did you get there?"
  • 4:26 - "Now it's asking for some information, but really what we want is not just the content of what was happening, but we want the context of what was that like for you and that's the difference between just hanging out with the pals and going to that brother level is what was that like for you? Help me understand what it felt like to walk in your shoes. "
  • 6:15 - (Jeff) I believe that our heavenly father can heal outside of time, back to moments in that healing ripples its way back through time and we experience way more benefits. 
  • 6:34 - "God does not heal memories because memories are kind of locked in. He heals stories. Yes, but not a memory doesn't become a story until it is told to another person."
  • 7:41 - "That's where memories are. God wants to go backwards into our lives and heal all of those big T and little team moments in our lives. But we can't do that. We don't do that. Just by remembering to ourselves is where we when I invite you, Jeff, into my story and I have someone witness and be with me in the story and experience with me and empathize with me. What happened in the story? That's where healing actually happens."
  • 10:03 - "Grace actually means that we're given this favor, this delight, this pleasure and nothing can detract from it and nothing can add to it."
  • 11:55 - "there's actually a first story. There's actually a child of delight that still also lives within me. That's older than that's the first that's more original to who. He made me to be. And so as I can unpack and get back around my second, the other things. The second story that I came to believe I can slowly start to reveal come into become the man I was designed to be."
  • 13:10 - "if my brothers know both my second story and my first story, they get to ask me that question. How would you like to engage right now?"
  • 14:30 "Awaken within your child the way that they should go, then when in the future they will not depart from it. So if our task as parents, as fathers is to awaken within our children the glory that God has written there, that original story, that image of God written into their lives as he wants to let the world know who he is through them. If we can awaken that in them, then then I think they they will. Of course, they will still have traumas and tragedies and things that happen to them. Yeah, but the likelihood of them struggling in the ways that many of us have is is far less so."
  • 15:12 "our job as fathers is not to protect our children from pain."
  • 18:57 - "our stories leak, and we might think that we're doing well. We might think that we are the the top of the totem pole as far as killing it at work and killing it at home and killing it everywhere, killing it at church. But are stories, the stories of pain, the stories of struggle, those stories of trauma they will leak?"
  • 19:35 - Start doing this work today because the benefits the family tree changing benefits will be for generations to come."
  • 21:44 - Trauma passes down through generations until someone has the courage to feel it. It's going to continue to pass down through generations until someone has the courage to feel it and to face it into and to process it. Let us be those dads. Let us be those guys who stop the generational pass down of trauma. And it doesn't get passed down"
  • Episode 200 Party:


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