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May 20, 2021



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Tim Burt & Danny Gutierrez


Thankful for this father-in-law / son-in-law conversation about intentional fatherhood. More about Danny. More about Tim.




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Show Notes:


  • 1:24 - Episode 16 - Danny Gutierrez. Episode 23 - Tim Burt. Episode 69 - Renee Burt & Stephanie Gutierrez. 
  • 2:25 - "Affirmation is a powerful biblical encouragement for us to participate and to encourage one another and to lift up one another."
  • 3:53 - Tim - "I just always exhorted her, always encouraged her. I always encouraged that she could do those things that were on her heart. And and I think Stephanie would probably say that the affirmation she's received over the years is it's been a real strength in her development."
  • 5:24 - Tim's daughter Stephanie, "My dad not only loved me, but he liked me."
  • 8:02 - "We get to step into being what maybe we didn't receive and that we didn't have modeled for us."
  • 12:28 - Tim talks about the benefit of listening and drawing out connection from his kids and how he wishes he would have done that more.
  • 15:45 - Advocating for a special needs child
  • 19:24 - The multiplication effect when you're learning for others.
  • 20:22 - Tim - "Pay attention to how God uses you and just go with that."
  • 21:19 - Tim - "People are all good at different things, and it's just not something you're good at. It's something that God can take to another level."
  • 24:51 - Tim - "If you will just make a commitment to do something, you're going to find out what you shouldn't be doing and what you're absolutely not good or gifted at. And you're going to discover the things that you are gifted and you're good at. And the discovery is part of the whole thing. But it doesn't happen without taking some kind of a commitment, and as a pastor, I'm going to say God wants you to commit to serve in the local church because it's not for the church, it's for you. It's all about him developing you."
  • 26:50 - Danny - "Be intentional with your interest, because I think right now we live in a world where everything's asking for it and we give it away so easily... And I think if when we put interest in our kids and what they're interested in and what their hopes and dreams are and what some of their, what they like to do and what's going through their little minds or what season of life they're in, when we give intentional interest to that, I think it becomes molding us into the kind of dads they need us to be in those particular seasons.
  • 28:17 - Tim - "And if you will just be very conscientious about asking God for help all day long, every day, you'll constantly be taking off some of the burdens of fear or inadequacy or anything else that you're facing in your life. And all I would say is just try to remember some of the things you asked because he answers a whole lot more things than you're paying attention to. And if you'd pay attention to him, you'd know how much he works in your life, which is the proof of how much he loves you. And he would be so much more real to you."

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