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May 13, 2021



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Pete Stanley


Pete & his wife Kaycee are the founders of The Reel Hope Project. He believes family is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Kids need family, and Pete considers it an honor to play even a small role in helping to make that happen. Plus, he’s married to Kaycee (Reel Hope's executive director), so ignoring The Reel Hope Project would be like trying to avoid candy if you lived with Willy Wonka. Pete speaks on behalf of The Reel Hope Project each week at events and faith communities, sharing about Minnesota’s waiting kids

CREATING VIDEOS OF MINNESOTA KIDS WHO ARE WAITING TO BE ADOPTED... In Minnesota, there are 1,000 kids awaiting adoption into a forever family. They work with counties and adoption agencies to mobilize the faith community to bring foster kids into forever families.




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Show Notes:


  • 1:02 - May 14th - Early Registration deadline for F4F Minneapolis ($25 discount). Sign up at
  • 1:33 -  Reel Hope Project 
  • 4:24 -  "It seems like the moments that I really get excited about in terms of being a dad come after I've had to give a hard word to my son."
  • 6:00 - "Family is one of the most powerful forces on the planet."
  • 06:15 -  "And so I would I would distill that further and say that you learned it around the dinner table and you can't have a dinner table without family, without community. And I think that's how you learn how to have disagreements, how you learn how to have arguments, how to learn how to take turns, to talk about your day and interact with other people. And and so I think that that is like that is sort of the the the the foundation for for all of these things that we're trying to build, like all these beautiful things that we're trying to build in the world, take root in healthy whole families. 
  • 7:29 - The importance of having a team of people around you when entering the adoptive world.
  • 9:18 - How to handle the friction that comes into marriage when adding kids, or adoptive kids to the family.
  • 11:23 - Speaking highly of his wife
  • 13:17 - Why men/dads still need to grow up
  • 13:57 -  "The father wounds that you're going to inflict on your children are already healed. Like God is, God has worked that out. And so that sort of gives me, that gave me, that gives us permission to dive in, head first to the relationship that we have with our kids."
  • 19:13 - Recommendation: setting up therapy for your kids, benefits of therapy as a dad.
  • 22:54 - What is the Real Hope Project? Making super high quality videos of kids in MN who are waiting to be adopted. A thousand kids have no family and need to be adopted.
  • 25:29 - Praying about adoption while starting an adoption ministry.
  • 28:00 - Misconceptions about adoption. (1) It can be expensive. (it actually can be virtually free.)
  • 28:33 - "The kids don't get put into foster care because they're bad. They're in foster care because someone important in their life didn't do something that they needed to do for them."
  • 31:00 - 
  • 31:52 - Finally Home - Fort Collins, Colorado
  • 33:30 - Book recommendation: The Connected Child by Karen Pervis 

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