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Jan 14, 2021



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Peter Haas


Pastor Peter Haas came to know the Lord while working as an EDM rave DJ in a nightclub. Since that day, he has traveled the world, sharing his radical conversion story and calling others to experience the same joy and power. He and his wife, Carolyn, planted Substance Church in 2004 and they serve on the Lead Team of the ARC (the Association of Related Churches). He is passionate about music, film, and comedy. Peter and Carolyn live in the Twin Cities with their 3 children, Lijah, True, and Eden.


Conversation Notes:


  • Part 1 of this conversation with Peter Haas (Episode 155)
  • 2:09 - The trade off to having golden parenting time.
  • 6:02 - How to find common interests with your kids
  • 8:21 - We cannot expect our kids to initiate finding common interests.
  • 9:55 - Taking advantage of fighting and whining for teachable moments to grow your kids.
  • 12:11 - Your life happens in the margins and the less margin you have, the less time you have for those relationships.
  • 13:53 - They won't understand us unless we seek first to understand our kids.
  • 16:42 - Be present in the pain of life.
  • 17:37 - "I've noticed that my kids don't need me to have all the answers, but they do need me to be emotionally capable of helping them find God in the midst of that. And, and I I've noticed that the greatest disciplers aren't the ones with all the Bible answers. They're the ones that are just willing to be present and go on a journey with you."
  • 18:51 - "One of the number one predictors of healthy parents is the stress level of the parent."
  • 21:36 - Being intentional beyond the sphere of our direct kids (boyfriends, friends circle).
  • 25:19 - Focus on your marriage in the season where your kids are all young because when you begin to empty nest you realize how important your marriage is.
  • 27:56 - Asking mentors, what do I need to be doing now so that it will make things easier later? Questions he asked mentors as a younger dad.
  • 28:20 - Before age 13, make these four things clear: (1) "When it comes to dating, mom, dad and the family get to be a part of the they fit with the family values?" (2) Speaker 2: "No person will ever fulfill you and you need to understand that." (3) Speaker 2: "When it comes to the timing don't date too soon." (4) Start having the sex talk younger.


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