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Jun 4, 2020



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter




  • Join a team of 100 dads biking 100 miles and raising $100,000 for the fatherless locally and globally. 
  • OUR MISSION: End fatherlessness globally. Every child with a man they can call father. (Malachi 4:6a “He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents”)
  • VISION: We ignite a father’s calling by connecting him body and soul with the cause of the fatherless and the heart of the Father. FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS will change your life by forcing you to look past yourself. On the one weekend when it’s easiest to sit home and consume, we’re going to push ourselves, cycling 100 miles, in response to our Heavenly Father’s heart for the Fatherless.
  • DATE: Saturday, August 29, 2020


Morgan Snyder


Morgan Snyder is a strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and speaker. His passion is to both be shaped by and shape the men and women who are shaping the kingdom of God. In 2010, he established, a fellowship of leaders whose global reach offers guidance for the narrow road of becoming the kind of person to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom. He serves on the executive leadership team of Wild at Heart and Ransomed Heart Ministries, having served alongside John and Stasi Eldredge for more than two decades. Morgan goes off the grid every chance he gets, whether bow hunting in the Colorado wilderness or choosing the adventurous life with his greatest treasures: his wife, Cherie; his son, Joshua; and his daughter, Abigail.


Conversation Notes


  • 5:47  - Talking about his “second great conversion”… “To become a son has changed everything for me…C.S. Lewis said, ‘I believe in Christianity like I believe in the sunrise.I believe in it because I see it every day, but it’s by the sun I see all things.' ...To become a son is my sunrise. I believe it because I’ve experienced it to be true. To unlearn God as Father the way I’ve learned it wrong and to open my heart to receive him as the true Father he intends to be. It’s by that I see all things.”
  • 7:26 - Growing up in a home without God - winning the “game” of life - having success in many areas, but losing his soul.
  • 8:30 - giving his life to God
  • 9:27 - "God became my father, my pastor, my guide,  I entered into a slow and steady process of being initiated as a man and fathered as a son. And so where I find myself now is process of over two decades of making my life about becoming the kind of man in whom God is glad to entrust more and more of the care of his kingdom, becoming more and more honest about what’s not yet, about what is under construction. But that used to feel like a weight and now feels like a promise because there’s so much hope.”
  • 10:29  - His wife is the Chief Life Officer.
  • 13:11 - His wife shared in counseling, “I feel like a bird locked in a cage. And I can’t fly"…. That wasn’t my heart’s intention at all. I dreamed about being a loving husband, but the fruit was I was a broken man, an unhealed boy inside a man that was still driving to get his question answered by achieving. I am loved when I come through. I am loved when I achieve. And now it’s just in the name of God, it’s just in the name of being a husband. And all the while my strength wasn’t actually rescuing the beauty, it wasn’t actually fighting for her, it was actually diminishing the glory of her life.”
  • 14:29 - “I believe one of the greatest sacred trusts given to me is to champion her calling and allow her to thrive as the Chief Life Officer.”
  • 14:51 - Finding the way to the center of your daughter’s heart.
  • 15:51 - A birth experience gone wrong
  • 16:29 - “God I agree with your story for my son, and I want to participate with what you have planned for him. I want to participate in initiation and I’ll participate in the birth story you have.”
  • 16:56 - "God is very interested and motivated in the initiation of our children. It’s what makes Him come alive. He has their best interests in mind. And when I put down my agenda, I got curious. I got responsive. The path that my children have chosen and the God has chosen for them is not what I would have chosen in so many ways, but being a student and being attentive and participating has changed everything."
  • 18:02 - Talking about his daughter - "I approach her with a question of ‘Holy Spirit would you show me her heart? Who did you make [her] to be? And how do I bring my delight to her and communicate consistently - [you] are loved. And there is nothing you can do or not do and say or not say  that will cause me to withdraw my delight. And if I can get that right, then everything else becomes secondary.”
  • 21:11 - How do I initiate my son?
  • 21:59 - "Fundamentally, when we can pull back from the trees and see the forest, we offer the sum total of who we’ve become, we will apprentice our kids for good or for ill into the person we’ve become.”
  • 22:30 - Technology and growing up as an adolescent girl in our current culture.
  • 23:16 - we try to offer what we haven’t received and offer what we haven’t become…..
  • 24:30 - whole-hearted parenting and growing in union with God
  • 25:08 - "We can only fake it for so long and until we come to an understanding that excavation is simply non-negotiable bc when we build on a shoddy foundation, we don't know until the storm comes but the storm will come. We are in a culture of uncertainty and in a time of shaking."
  • 26:42 - Immaturity vs. sin
  • 28:40 - "Reality is what we bump into when we're wrong." - Dallas Willard
  • 29:20 - Look to the older men in your life and ask where did they get taken out or hijacked.
  • 29:45 - "I have a choice. I either have to settle for engineering a small life, ... where life becomes mostly about comfort, security and arranging for a life that I can control, or at least have the illusion that I can control and it doesn't require me to change. And that's what most men become. Or I can take those exclamation points and I can start asking questions."
  • 30:15 - "We really only have two choices, either humility or humiliation."
  • 30:25 - "I realized the questions are the core to apprenticeship and it's the questions that led me back to the path of life."
  • 33:34 - "Someone with my best interests in mind is at work. What I recovered was an upside down kingdom. Where most men build, the invitation was to stop building and allow God to excavate so that he can build your character - not just morality but whole-heartedness."
  • 35:10 - "Actually it's the good soil, cultivated over time, that yields the supernatural harvest."
  • 38:40 - How does a fish know that it's water is polluted?
  • 39:45 - We are in an age of exponential change and we all, as a culture, carry more load than our limits. 
  • 40:25 - So if we come to terms that we are in an aggressive culture that wants to destroy our margin, the gap between our load and our limits, then we understand we have to fight to protect that space. 
  • 40:41 - "The great frontier in our age is our attention and our affection, and its in margin, its in the space between the load and limits, that we can recover our attention and our affection which was actually meant to be the epicenter of where we grow with intimacy with God."
  • 42:12 - "Identify your load. Identify your healthy, sustainable limits. And if your load exceeds your limits, then that's a frontier in which you need to be curious with about God."


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