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Oct 21, 2018

This week we're looking back over the past 40 weeks of dadAWESOME and highlighting six short clips from the fathers that we interviewed. These are the 12 takeaways for this first edition of Forty Weeks Of AWESOMENESS. 

1) The Powerful Voice Of Dad - Speaking Truth, Identity and Value (014 Nick Foulks)

2) Your Kids Real Father Is God - You Are Entrusted To Raise Therm For A Season (014 Nick Foulks)

3) What’s Your Kids Job? (014 Nick Foulks)
* My Job Is To Protect
* My Job Is To Be Kind
* My Job Is To Tell The Truth
* My Job Is To Listen And Obey The First Time

4) Courageous Love - Let’s Be The Fuel Pumps That Fill Others With Love (013 Ross Manders)

5) Never Give Up // Cheer For Each Other // Stay In The Fight (016 Danny Gutierrez)

6) Stay Amazed - with your wife, your kids, your church, you life (019 John Burns)

7) There Are Some “Only You” Roles. Only You Can Be There Daddy. Only You Can Be Her Husband (019 John Burns)

8) Get A Calendar And Put The Most Important Things On It - (and the most important things have NAMES) (019 John Burns)

9) Repeat After Me Truth Statements Of Identity (020 Mario Gonzalez-Mitchell)

10) Instilling Thankfulness Right Before Bedtime With Your Kids (020 Mario Gonzalez-Mitchell)

11) Seeing His Dad Reading His Bible & Praying Early In The Morning (021 Nate Gustafson)

12) Ask More Questions // Help Your Kids Discover Wisdom // Label The Behavior and Not the Child (021 Nate Gustafson)